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  Laminate_floors Laminate_floors
The planks we use in our laminate floors department has the following specifications:

Thickness - 8mm AC3 Grade : Small Rooms or Light
Commercial AC4 Grade - Higher Traffic Areas like Shops and Restaurants etc.

AC5 Heavy Duty Commercial - special order

  Laminate flooring
Vinyl flooring
Bamboo flooring
Partitioning / Dry wall
  Picasso Laminate Floors Range Laminate_floors Download full brochure
Picasso Laminate Floors - Original

    Picasso Laminate Floors - V-Groove
  Laminate_floors Laminate_floors
  Balterio Range    
Balterio Laminate Floors - Laurentian    Laminate_floors  Download brochure

     Balterio Laminate Floors - Impressio   Laminate_floors  Download brochure
  v Laminate_floors
Euro Laminate Floors   Laminate_floors  Download full brochure


     Euro Laminate Floors - Vision V4     Laminate_floors  Download brochure

  Traviata Laminate Floors Range Laminate_floors Download brochure
Travi Laminate Floors - AC3

    Travi Laminate Floors - AC4 V-Groove
Laminate Floors - Supreme AC4

     Laminate Floors - Natural
  Laminate_floors Laminate_floors
  Pergo Laminate Floors Range Laminate_floors Download full brochure
Laminate Floors - Radiant to Rich Woods

     Laminate Floors - Timeless Oaks
  Laminate_floors Laminate_floors
  KronoLoc Laminate Floors Range Laminate_floors Download full brochure
Laminate Floors - Ruby

     Laminate Floors - Tanzanite
  Laminate_floors Laminate_floors
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